The Future of 3D Holographic Gaming

Holographic 3D Gaming

 The Holocade is a word fusion of the terms holographic and arcade. A large version of the Holocade will be located within the HoloFame chain of restaurants. A home version of the Holocade will also be available for augmented and virtual reality headsets.

 Some of the games that may be seen on the Holocade gaming system are associated with the dotcoms listed below. - HoloGladiators will be a 3-D Roman gladiator combat game. - The HoloLeagues will encompass 3D football, baseball, basketball, and hockey gaming formats. - A 3D mixed martial arts gaming format. - A stand alone 3-D football game. - HoloWrestling will be a 3D professional wrestling game. - The HoloPrix will encompass 3D stock car and other vehicle racing game formats. -  The HoloDerby will encompass various 3D horse racing formats. - Botxing is a word fusion of the terms bot and boxing. Botxing will be a 3D robot boxing game format. - The RoboGladiators will compete among the Romebots in the Robosseum (Robot Colosseum) and RoboMaximus (Robot Circus Maximus). - A 3D robotic football, baseball, hockey, and basketball gaming format. - Game of Holograms will be a 3D multi-gaming platform.